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  • ‘EKLOZYON’ performed at L’Artchipel Scène Nationale de la Guadeloupe (FR), 2011

    Concept, camera operator, editor

    On-stage video projections for dance performance EKLOZYON


    Free creation, HD, 60’

    Commissioned by
    Association Rasin’Nou, Yves Milome

    Artistic director
    Yves Milome

    José Bertogal

    Association Rasin’Nou ; L’Artchipel Scène Nationale de la Guadeloupe

    Performed at
    L’Artchipel Scène Nationale de la Guadeloupe ; CMA Scène Nationale de la Martinique

    « Eklozyon » combines urban with contemporary dance, giving form to the universe of rivers, oceans, marshlands and the magic of the deep.

    « Eklozyon » portrays a voyage from the beginning of life emerging from water, to animal and man finding their foothold on land, through to the mystical and divine presence of water, as it is part of the voodoo belief. « Eklozyon » presents water in all its forms as a critical key to the eternal cycle of life.

    Video projections fill the back wall of the stage, occasionally expanding to the full surface of the floor. The images follow precisely the choreography on stage. The projections shows water in a variety of forms, from literal representations of water to more suggestive, poetic imagery. For example, we see water bubbles hastily finding their way to the surface ; rays of sunlight transpiercing a deep blue sea from above ; currents passing under us as if we cross the water by boat. Reflections of water playfully throw energetic, rhythmic patterns on a wall ; and there is one elegant, dancing line, as if cut loose from the reflections, now finding her own way.