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    I work as a director and all-round filmmaker for various collaborative projects. Currently I am so blessed as to create a beautiful yoga film collection for, by Delight Productions. This ongoing project allows me to work with some of the most inspiring yoga teachers from all over the world. It has been an encounter that enabled us to create beautifully designed films, deeply rooted in the traditional yoga teachings.
    Other clients include from Rigpa International, BBC2/France2, Master Hector Ramos and Deborah Quibell, and The Infadels.

    Personal work

    For my personal work I create short films. Stillness plays an important role throughout all of them. I am intrigued by our difficulty of finding and resting into stillness – and by what happens to us as we suddenly do manage to tap into it.
    Our fast-paced, modern day life does not make it easy for us to sink into deeper, stiller layers within ourselves. Yet, once we do, the mind finds more clarity and space, often accompanied by a particular sense of calm. For some reason, the heart comes alive, too. And as the heart awakens and expands, it connects us more deeply to not only ourselves, but to all that surrounds us. Life, as we experience it, seems and feels, somehow, much more alive.
    In my films I try to evoke the circumstances that allow the stillness that lies within us to rise to the surface. So that we can experience whatever it is – the film, ourselves, or what is going on around us – from that place. Giving us a peek into a subtly but significantly different way of being and experiencing.

    My films are presented internationally by both film festivals and galleries for contemporary art.


    I obtained my MA degree in Video & New Media in 2010, with special mention, at Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, a well-known audiovisual post-graduate and research center based in Tourcoing (FR).
    In 2007 I received my BFA Fine Arts, with special mention, at the Gerrit Rieveld Academy of Art and Design in Amsterdam (NL).